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Myhill Field Play Area Re-Opening

In accordance with Government guidelines, we will shortly be able to reopen the under 8s play area at Chestnut Drive.
The play equipment has been cleaned and sanitised courtesy of the staff at the Village Hall, and we will carry out a safety check and risk assessment before re-opening. We will be imposing some additional measures to help mitigate the continuing risk of Covid-19.
  • No more than 2 household groups to use the play area at any one time and only one adult per group to supervise children please. If there are children waiting to use the play area please limit your time reasonably.
  • Only children from the same household group to use a piece of play equipment at any one time.
  • Please maintain social distance of at least 2 metres from other people.
Please note we will be unable to carry out regular cleaning of the play equipment so continue to wash hands or use hand sanitiser before and after using the play area.
We will re-open the play area as soon as our checks are complete and this should be at the start of next week.
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