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Cofton Hackett Parish Council is a voluntary body which seeks to improve facilities for local residents and, in so doing, has some specific areas of responsibility. The following are all under the remit of the Parish Council:

  • The provision of allotments at our two allotment sites.
  • The upkeep of the Myhill Field Play Area.
  • The maintenance of street lighting on minor roads in the community (except the Cofton Fields Estate)
  • The upkeep of Cofton Village Hall
  • As a consultee, the Parish council is notified of planning applications and can present views, on behalf of the community, to Bromsgrove District Council with whom responsibility for planning decisions lie.
  • Undertaking of projects and schemes that benefit local residents.
  • Creating the neighbourhood plan and influencing long term development policy for the community.

And in collaboration with other agencies:

  • The maintenance of bus shelters (with Bromsgrove District Council)
  • The location of waste bins and payment for emptying of some (with Bromsgrove District Council)
  • Assisting the upkeep of designated footpaths and bridleways (with Worcestershire County Council)
  • Requesting the refill of grit bins owned by Worcestershire County Council (yellow in colour).
  • Maintaining and refilling Parish Council owned grit bins (green in colour).

For the responsibility of other tiers of local government please see the websites of Bromsgrove District Council and Worcestershire County Council.

The Council always welcomes the views of local residents on these and other matters and designates the first ten minutes of each meeting to an open public forum.

Please note: the Parish Council does not have jurisdiction over matters relating to traffic calming.

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